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Try Our Supermill Introductory Trial Kits

Supermill’s line of high-performance endmills provide long-lasting sharpness and exceptional precision. Our products provide unmatched value and dependability, while outperforming and outproducing our competitors. Now, Supermill endmills are being offered in introductory trial kits at special pricing.

Our introductory trial kits are ideal for all machinists to experience the quality and precision of Supermill endmills. Choose from our diverse product line engineered for your specific applications, from our all-purpose endmills to the revolutionary Tomcat endmills.

These endmills are sure to impress in any application. Experience the Supermill edge for yourself and start saving time and money!


"...We have tested the Supermill against other manufacturer's high performance mills and the Supermill has outperformed all the competitors..."

Wayne E. LaBreck, Arundel Machine Tool Co., Inc.
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"...I've been using the Supermill-XP for the past few years and I haven't found any other endmill that can outperform it...."

Bobby Clay, H & R MFG & Supply Inc.
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"We thought we knew how many parts we should get per endmill, but your Supermill has been running so long we lost count...and it's still going."

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Choose from any of our 16 endmill kits. Each kit includes the endmill in three sizes: 1/4", 3/8", and 1/2".

Kit No. 3 Piece Kit  Price   Kit No. 3 Piece Kit Price
1 Supermill All Purpose SC $60   9 Supermill 6 Flute SC $65
2 Supermill All Purpose RAD $65   10  TOMCAT 5 Flute SC $75 
3 XP SC $65   11  TOMCAT 5 Flute RAD  $80 
4 XP RAD $70   12  Supermill 7 Flute SC  $80 
5 Supermill 3 Flute RAD $70   13  XPR RAD  $85 
6 Supermill 4 Flute RAD $70   14  SR 4 Flute RAD  $85 
7 Supermill 5 Flute RAD $70   15  SR 3 Flute RAD  $85 
8 Supermill 5 Flute SC $65   16  Aluminum 3 Flute  $85 

One Time Offer - Special pricing only available on Supermill Introductory Trial Kits - Cannot be combined with other offers